Cranberry & White Choc Chip Cookies

How’s about we offer Santa a special festive cookie to dunk in his milk this Christmas Eve?

Or, if you don’t believe in Santa (didn’t your parents teach you anything?!), how’s about a festive cookie to send you and your loved ones crimbo crazy? Well, your wish is my command. Enter the cranberry and white chocolate chip cookie. Soft, moreish and oh so Christmassy.

I’ve used dried cranberries for these cookies but you could go for another dried fruit if cranberries aren’t your thing- I’m not the biggest cranberry fan myself, as I find fresh cranberries to be quite bitter. However, dried cranberries are much sweeter and when paired with white chocolate- heavenly twosome alert. Bonny and Clyde eat your heart out.

These babies freeze exceptionally well if you want to make them ahead (around 3 months) but if not, keep them stored at room temperature in an air tight container for no longer than a week.

Well, thats a wrap. I sincerely hope you try out this recipe- you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Cookie Baking!

Makes 24-26 cookies

Difficulty: 1/5

Prep time: 2 hours 30 minutes (includes chilling)

Total time: 3 hours

For the Cookies:

175g unsalted butter, room temperature

150g light brown sugar

50g granulated sugar

1 large egg, room temperature

2 tsp vanilla extract

250g plain flour

2 tsp cornflour

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

½ tsp salt

120g white chocolate chips plus extra for adding on top of the raw dough balls before baking

100g dried cranberries plus extra for adding on top of the raw dough balls before baking


  1. Cream the butter in the bowl of a stand mixer until smooth. Add in the sugars and cream on a medium speed until light and fluffy, scraping down the sides if needed. Add in the egg and vanilla extract and mix until well combined.

  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, corn flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt.

  3. Turn the mixer to low speed and gradually add in the dry ingredients until well combined. Add in the white chocolate chips and dried cranberries and mix on low speed until evenly distributed in the dough. Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight if you wish.

  4. When ready to bake, remove the chilled dough from the fridge and line 2 baking trays with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 175°C/155°C fan.

  5. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out the dough and using your hands, roll into a ball. Place the raw dough balls onto the baking tray, leaving a space of at least 2 inches between each ball. Gently push an additional 2-3 chocolate chips and dried cranberries into the top of the dough (this will result in a visually appealing finished product!)

  6. Bake for cookies for 12 minutes in the middle shelves of the oven, swapping the baking trays shelf position half way through baking time and rotating them, if needed. This’ll ensure even baking and identical looking cookies.

  7. Remove from the oven (don’t worry if they seem a little underdone, this is what you want for the soft texture) and allow the cookies to sit on the hot trays for 5 minutes before placing them on a cooling rack.

  8. Let the hot trays cool completely before rolling up the remaining dough. Bake as before.

  9. Enjoy!

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